Spray Tanning

The B Boutique offers the highest quality natural tanning solutions on the market.

How a spray tan works:

We apply the active ingredient DHA ( beet & sugar cane extract) to your skin; it oxidizes the dead skin cells on the outer layer of your epidermis. Similar to biting into an apple or banana when left exposed, it browns from the sugar. It is essential to allow your tan 8-12 hours to develop. Here are a few tips to optimize your tan for best results.

1. Please exfoliate, wax, shave etc… before your spray tan.

2. No lotion! The tan needs to apply directly to your skin without any barrier.

3. Wear loose dark clothing and sandals

4. Use only sulfate-free soaps and shampoos after your tan has developed and then moisturize to keep your tan lasting up to 7-10 days.

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